The Public’s Main Questions About The Pandemic?

– The major universities and research centers say that COVID lives on surfaces for a few days and that public services get reinfected every minute. Why isn’t the public being told to never make skin contact with cafe door knobs, grocery store counters, post office counters, elevator buttons and other public surfaces?

– Why weren’t all airlines and airports and flights totally shut down in November of 2019 when the Pandemic was known to be underway?

– Why weren’t all cruises and cruise terminals totally shut down in November of 2019 when the Pandemic was known to be underway?

– Where were Americans never given the promised N95 Masks? Why weren’t N95 Masks already stock-piled for any Pandemic all over the USA for every citizen?

– Why were Senators and Fauci allowed to own the stocks of companies they were deciding on the profits of?

– Why aren’t all public buildings being ordered to have automatic door openers or door opening, sanitized, live human greeters to open the infected doors of public places?

– Why aren’t all stores and post offices not being ordered to post signs that say: DO NOT TOUCH SURFACES OR COUNTER AREA TO AVOID INFECTION?

– Why was a blood test not required to board ANY airplane, cruise ship or train after January 2020?

– How much influence did corporate lobbyists have over policy decisions regarding protection of the public from COVID?

– When every major research center has tested, and proven, that COVID has a 20 foot infection radius around every human, why are American’s not being told to stay 20 feet away from each other, indoors or outdoors?

– When it is proven that family holiday gatherings always expand the infection, why are they still allowed?

– When it is proven that COVID breathed out from a person, walking in-front of you, will hang in the air that you will then walk through, why is there not a greater walking distance rule?

– When ZIKA, COVID, SARS, The FLU and other mass diseases always found in immigrants, why are immigrants not each blood tested at the border and tattooed, chipped or eye image photographed to confirm they are tested?

– Home rapid tests have been available for years, after many promises, why have those tests not been sent to every American already?

– Why was there so much nepotism in government hiring during the Pandemic years?

– Why is there no official source of Pandemic information that does not conflict with each other government ‘official source’?

– Why are government Pandemic efforts not 100% bi-partisan with totally equal participation by both parties?

– Is everyone on Earth eventually going to get COVID?

– If COVID is forever mutating to try to strike every human, why are people being told there will be an “end” to the Pandemic?

– If we were able to kill smallpox, why can’t we kill COVID? Why is the USA not offering a one billion dollar reward for the first company to invent a safe medicine to kill COVID?

The Mind-Boggling COVID Screw-Ups Of The Biden Administration:

The Biden Administration, in a wayyyy late move, ordered another 600,000 doses of GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology’s monoclonal antibody. Last week it increased its order of Pfizer’s antiviral Paxlovid by 10 million. Great, but these treatments will probably arrive after the Omicron Covid variant crests. Why didn’t it order more treatments sooner?

That’s an especially good question given that the stated purpose of Democrats’ $1.9 trillion spending bill last March was Covid relief. Yet less than 1% of the spending was allocated for therapies. About as much money was given last year to New York’s financially ailing transit system as the Administration spent procuring Covid therapies. The result: A persistent treatment shortage and countless preventable deaths.

It was obvious even early in the pandemic that treatments were going to be critical to living with Covid, especially oral antivirals that patients can pick up at pharmacies soon after developing symptoms. Francis Collins, then the National Institutes of Health director, explained this on CBS’s “60 Minutes” in March. But therapies were a very low priority for the White House Covid team.

In June 2021 the Administration placed an advance order for 1.7 million courses of Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics’ antiviral molnupiravir, which had shown promise in early trials. In November after stronger data came out, it increased the order to 3.1 million courses, which were to be delivered by early 2022. Why not more?

Perhaps because the White House believed money would be better spent on monoclonal antibodies and Pfizer’s Paxlovid, which were shown to be somewhat more effective in trials. But the Administration didn’t order nearly enough of those either.Monoclonals in short supply had to be rationed during the summer Delta surge. In mid-September, as Delta was receding, the Administration ordered 1.4 million doses of Regeneron’s monoclonal and 388,000 of Eli Lilly’s . Unable to get enough from the feds for his state, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in September went around the Administration to purchase the monoclonal from GSK and Vir.

Their monoclonal was authorized by the Food and Drug Administration in May. It is unique in neutralizing both the SARS virus and Covid-19, making it less susceptible to new variants. It holds up well against Omicron while those by Regeneron and Lilly haven’t. But the Administration apparently didn’t think GSK-Vir’s was needed.

In June GSK had 450,000 doses on hand. Yet the Administration waited until the fall to order $1 billion in treatments, covering about 450,000 doses. On Nov. 18, the Administration also ordered 10 million courses of Pfizer’s Paxlovid after trial data showed it reduced hospitalizations by nearly 90%. Yet manufacturing the pills takes six to eight months so supply has been very limited.

Had the Administration ordered more treatments sooner, more would have been available this winter. The Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed accelerated vaccine development and production by placing advance orders so a supply would be available as soon as the FDA approved a vaccine. President Biden could have done the same for treatments but didn’t.

Instead, the Administration has focused relentlessly on masking, testing and vaccines with therapies as a fourth priority. The focus has been on preventing infection, rather than treating it. Vaccines prevent serious disease. But as we are learning with Omicron, they don’t stop infection or transmission. Despite President Biden’s efforts at coercion, many Americans remain unvaccinated.

Masking seems increasingly beside the point with Omicron spreading like wildfire and millions of Americans wearing them improperly. Testing can help people who want to protect the vulnerable in their orbit, but the Administration also failed to prepare for a winter surge in testing demand.


Idiot power-hungry Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra oversees therapy procurement, but he’s been missing in action. He didn’t even appear at a Senate hearing Tuesday with officials Anthony Fauci, Janet Woodcock and Rochelle Walensky. Then again, he has no health-care expertise and his only apparent credential for the job was suing the Trump Administration as California Attorney General. Becerra seems to be a Newsom insider douchebag who is utterly incapable of organizing anything, just like his protege Kamala Harris.

As Omicron spreads far and wide, Americans are beginning to appreciate that we all may eventually be infected. President Biden’s campaign promise to “shut down the virus” was always a false boast and will never be met. Fortunately, Omicron is so far causing milder illness. But living with endemic Covid means that therapies are crucial.

Having more therapies this winter would have reduced the burden on hospitals and might have saved thousands of lives.


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