Top Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby indicted on perjury and false mortgage application

Baltimore attorney Marilyn Mosby, 41, has been indicted on charges of perjury and making false mortgage applications in the purchase of two Florida homes. Mosby allegedly falsely claimed she was facing COVID-related financial troubles to use her city retirement fund to help her buy the properties. She also allegedly lied on two mortgage loan applications by hiding that she had several unpaid federal taxes from over the years. The top city prosecutor was also accused of claiming one of her homes in Kissimmee was a second residence in order to get a lower interest rate. Despite the controversy, Mosby had previously been praised by Vice President Kamala Harris for her political role a progressive Democrat in 2017, when the VP was still a US Senator. ‘When we march and we shout about what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system, we better understand that we gotta march and shout with our paychecks – and all of the work that we can do to actually make sure that somebody like Marilyn Mosby gets reelected into that office, to not only get convictions, but have convictions,’ Harris said of Mosby (pictured together, top) at the time.


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